Welcome to Beagling Today

~ by Beverley Cross

“Beagling? What is Beagling?” Well, it’s kind of a made-up word, but anyone who owns a hunting Beagle can tell you that it’s one of the greatest, well-rounded, kid-friendly sports out there today. There are so many options to enjoy your little hound with the big heart and voice. You may be strictly a rabbit hunter (they will occasionally flush a pheasant for you, too). You may participate in Beagle field trial competition, or you may just be a “fun runner.” You may be all of those things. Most of us Beaglers are.

We cast our dogs in the field in the evenings and weekends to train and condition them, or just fun run. We meet up at Beagle clubs on the weekend, enter our dogs into field trials, and enjoy the fellowship of other Beaglers. A lot of fun happens at Beagle clubs. In the winter we take these same dogs and go rabbit hunting to fill the stew pot. A good Beagle can do all of these things – become a Field Champion in competition, put food on our tables, and warm our laps. That’s what we strive for, the complete hunting Beagle companion.laydownlaw2

What are the rewards of Beagling?

Fresh air and sunshine. And you can (and should) bring the kids along to get some fresh air and sunshine, too. Exercise. Fellowship. Frustration. Sportsmanship. Goals. Laughter. Purpose. Accomplishment. And fellowship; did I mention fellowship? Thanks to the internet, Beaglers from all over the continent have become connected, and the Beagling community has exploded into this tremendous circle of friends. (Who knew this Beagling thing was going on all over the country?) With the advent of online message boards like The American Beagler and eSPOMagazine Beaglers can catch up on the latest news, share training and conditioning tips, learn about good animal husbandry, good nutrition, best practices in transporting their hounds and kennel construction, health maintenance and vaccines, proper clothing for the field, GPS training collars and equipment – right down to what leash is best, and which boots are preferred. We wear out a lot of boots following these little hounds. It beats sitting in the house staring at a flat screen any day!

Beware … Beagling is addictive but comes highly recommended – and you’ve found the website that will keep your finger on the pulse of Beagling today. Check back with us often for the latest news and updates in the Beagling world!

~ ~ ~

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